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At OrthoSnap we are not the first ones to introduce clear braces to the dental industry. What we did do is make the process of aligning teeth much simpler. Our novel approach involves easy to follow and familiar steps of impression taking, same as in any prostodontic cases. We have simplified the patient treatment plan on-boarding to a few simple steps – in most cases, we only need molds of upper and lower models and bite registration.

Simple, yet just as effective: OrthoSnap has developed technology of modulating the teeth movement on physical dynamic models thus making the process more accurate. Along the process of the teeth movement on the dynamic model the set of trays are produced from ultra translucent vacuum forming material. By eliminating complex Cad Cam and 3D technologies we have made the system user friendly with a minimal learning curve, perfect for those who are just starting in cosmetic orthodontics. Patented process of teeth movement on physical models allows for a better understanding and control of teeth interactions over the course of a treatment plan. Fill free to contact us for further information, or if you ready to submit a case just follow the links below.

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