SMILE You see with the braces you don't

Straighten your teeth without the cosmetic issues of traditional braces. By using a progression of transparent and removable plastic aligners your teeth are gently moved into their proper position. OrthoSnap uses an innovative and unique system that makes it easy for your dentist to design a treatment plan that will let you achieve clear results in record time.

Designed for ultimate treatment flexibility, while maintaining ultimate comfort and easy lifestyle.

OrthoSnap utilizes clear, transparent FDA approved materials in the manufacture of its aligners. Your smile will be dramatically transformed while giving you the freedom to lead a normal life. The aligner will perfectly fit your teeth - you will hardly know you wearing it. In addition, OrthoSnap aligners can be taken off without an effort - allowing you to eat and brush in comfort. Your can leave the images of traditional metal braces behind, and show off your new smile while you are wearing OrthoSnap transparent aligner - your friends and co-workers will have a very hard time seeing that you are wearing one.

Wearing your aligners
OrthoSnap aligners are designed to be worn around the clock. You will take off your aligners only when eating, brushing and flossing your teeth. Since your aligners are made out of a clear, transparent material: you and your friends will barely notice that you are wearing them. Each set of aligners will move your teeth progressively to the goal position. You will need to visit your doctor for regular checks of you progress. Unlike some competing systems, OrthoSnap treatment plan can be adjusted midcourse, to correct for your real-world results. Your doctor will make sure that your teeth are steadily straightening into a Hollywood smile.
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